Introducing Marva Collins Reading Academy

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Enrollment Benefits:
- To create superior children whose reading and comprehension skills will be outstanding. That includes the ability to understand and perform mathematics.
- Access to Marva Collins Reading Program
- Access to on-going support as you teach your child to read.
- Lesson plans to develop your child's language arts skills and comprehension.
- Support with each lesson is provided. Individual support will be provided as you may require. Click here to check out our Online Classroom.

This program is designed for:
- the working parent who would like to spend thirty-minutes to one-hour reading and reasoning with the child.
- the parent who is home-schooling their child and is seeking additional time-proven, educational support from Marva Collins.
- the classroom teacher who is searching for unique tools and techniques for teaching superior reading comprehension and writing skills.
- for parents who wish to learn strategies designed to encourage active participation in the learning process.
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