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How To Sell Custom Products Online

How to sell custom products online. The idea of selling custom products online appeals to everyone, regardless of whether you are new to personalization or an existing brick-and-mortar business.

Don’t waste time with traditional marketing strategies. Take the first step and introduce your business online through Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Communication has changed. The market has evolved and new rules have been established to reach customers. E-commerce remains the most popular online platform for selling products. However, you must be close to people to adapt to new environments.

We want to help you get started online with your project in an easy way.

To expand your personalization business to include custom slippers and t-shirts for the digital age, the last step is to open an online store. However, it is important to first test the market. You can also combine both strategies to increase internet users.

How to sell custom products online

Online strategies and actions that impact your Internet target audience to increase sales for your personalization business can help you increase your sales. Let’s get started!

1. Facebook online store

F-commerce (Facebook Commerce) is now a reality. Social networks are heavily focusing on social shopping. It is possible to set up an online shop within your fan page. This is a great way to gauge the interest of your audience in personalization products.

You can start selling via this channel by using several applications already integrated into the platform. There are both paid and free options, so you can choose the one that suits your needs. Some of these include VendingBox, Carttini and InfusedCommerce, Payvment Ecommerce Storefront, Carttini and VendingBox.

Your goal is to direct potential customers to your ecommerce. Social networks can help you set the tone for communication and increase the value your products.

Social media can be used to increase awareness of the personalization benefits. This will let your target audience and contacts know that you are there. Your goal is to get maximum traffic to your site and to gradually become the top choice of your target audience, which will in turn lead to them buying your articles. You can reach more people by following you and convert more sales.

Facebook is the ideal strategy because it allows you to target your ads and increase your followers in an easy and cost-effective way. You can also manage professional publications using the Creator Studio tool.


Even if your Instagram followers are small, you can still switch to the business profile and sell physical products. This social network can also be used to link to your Facebook store and tag products on posts.

This strategy will allow people to find the products and see the details and price with just a touch on their screens. Then they can go directly to the online store to complete their purchase.

You can only tag 5 products per image/video. Simply click on the tag button to add a photo. Next, search for the names of the products you wish to tag to place them in your publication. This is done in stories using links and stickers located at the top right of the mobile editor.

An integrated CMS platform on your website can connect Instagram Shopping. Prestashop Magento, WordPress, Shopify… each one has its own linking system and validation system. Approval of the order takes approximately 2-3 days. Instagram will also remove a product from your Facebook catalog.

The app also provides statistics about products that are labeled in images. This allows you to measure interaction and determine which ones are most interesting. This feature can be a great asset for your online store and will increase sales for your personalization company.

Sponsored campaigns can be done at low prices. This allows your product to reach more people based on demographic information and target audiences.

3. Whatsapp Business

WhatsApp Business is another great channel for promoting your custom products. It is a mobile and web app that can be connected to the Internet. This allows it to meet the requirements for online sales. It is available for Android and iOS. Companies can also use the famous chat to communicate with potential customers.

This network has a huge interaction capacity, with more than one million active users per day. It is worth considering when we promote our business. You can create a customer service center by simply installing the app, activating with a phone number, and registering your company name. It is completely free.

Also, WhatsApp Business can be integrated with CSM platforms as well as any of your web pages and social media networks. Customers can then get in touch more easily. You can get a quick response and enhance the shopping experience. This will also increase sales for your personalization business.

This app is very useful in creating a product store. Your most trusted contacts can also buy the products without any hassle. Give it a shot!

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